Steve Wilkos, host of “The Steve Wilkos Show”

Steve Wilkos gives us a preview of what to expect in February! The straight talking former U.S. Marine / Chicago Police Officer’s talk show is in its eighth season and has been renewed thru 2018!

Steve Wilkos began moonlighting as a security guard on The Jerry Springer Show some 20 years ago. Viewers identified with his tough guy demeanor and no-nonsense approach, and Steve began hosting his own daytime talk show in 2007.

Now in its 8th season, The Steve Wilkos Show continues to rise in popularity, attracting new fans, both men and women alike and has been praised for raising awareness about social issues such as substance abuse and domestic violence.

One of the stories Steve will explore this month involves Shakitta who wants to know if her stepfather is behind her father’s murder. Shakitta’s mother had been in a relationship with Carlton since Shakitta was two years old. Upon learning that Carlton cheated on her, Shakitta’s mother resumed a relationship with Shakitta’s biological father, Quinton. Carlton did not take this news lightly and threatened Quinton’s life. As it happens, Quinton was shot and killed that night during an attempted car robbery. Although police apprehended the shooter and Carlton maintains his innocence, Shakiita is hoping Steve will help her prove that her stepfather Carlton is the man who had her father killed.

Steve is a huge sports fan, avid golfer and can often be found riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Connecticut, where he lives with wife Rachelle (Executive Producer of both The Steve Wilkos Show and Jerry Springer Show) and their two kids.


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