The History Channel and the University of Oklahoma are offering the very first TV-network branded online course for college credit!

Did you Know…

Rosa Parks Wasn’t the First Person to Refuse to Give Up Her Seat On a Bus?
Pearl Harbor Wasn’t the Only Attack on U.S. Soil During WWII?
“Under God” Was Only Added to the Pledge of Allegiance During the Red Scare?

American history is filled with these little known facts, which bring color and depth to the American experience. Now there’s a unique way to learn about our nations’ history: beginning in January, History Channel and OU will be offering an interactive course for college students and life learners entitled: “United States – 1865 to the Present”. Combining the best in education and entertainment, it will be taught by Steven Gillon, an accomplished author, longtime Scholar-in-Residence at The History Channel and University of Oklahoma history professor.

Gillon joins Ric to discuss this first-of-a-kind collaboration, and how “United States – 1865 to the Present,” is leading the charge in helping to keep alive the American Dream of education for all – a dream that’s currently endangered by soaring costs.

Additionally, aside from offering college credit, the course targets life learners who, for $250, can take a non-credit version of the class. These history buffs will have the unique opportunity to enjoy a world-class education from one of the country’s top institutions of higher learning and pioneer in online courses, as well as HISTORY® Channel, one of cable’s best known brands and a leader in cross-platform history education. And could there be a better holiday gift than that?

Additional courses from THE HISTORY CHANNEL® and OU are currently in the works for upcoming semesters.

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