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Investigation Discovery’s series, My Strange Criminal Addiction, profiles bizarre behaviors that have spun out of control and propelled regular people into a life of crime. “My Strange Criminal Addiction” airs Mondays at 10 PM ET/PT on Investigation Discovery. Addiction specialist and show consultant Dr. Mike Dow talks with Ric about the triggers for these compulsive behaviors and when to be alarmed if someone you know is spiraling. My Strange Criminal Addiction shows viewers how just a simple compulsion – typically, harmless at first – can cause a person’s life to travel down the rabbit hole into something far more sinister and disturbing. And that most people battling these dark addictions deserve understanding as they seek rehabilitation. Told by the perpetrators themselves, stories include a man who may spend the rest of his life in prison for his fetish of grinding his pelvis against women in crowded NYC subways; A man so afraid of growing old he’ll do almost anything to retain his youth…including drinking the urine of young boys, which he believes is the fountain of youth; a woman suffering anorexic-bulimia who is also a kleptomaniac. One addiction feeds the other as she has been arrested more than 50 times and exiled from all grocery stores within 20 miles for shoplifting groceries for her daily binge. Dr. Mike Dow, author, addiction specialist and expert in the fields of relationships, food, and behavior, explains how these unhealthy habits turned to uncontrollable addictions and helps viewers understand the triggers for these compulsive behaviors.

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