The Impossible Dream by Jasper Fullard, Jr. MD

Racism and healthcare disparities have always been a problem in the Black community, especially small country towns. This book illustrates how a poor Black boy at the age of twelve watched his mother almost die from the lack of adequate health care from a White doctor.

I come from a very poor family of eleven children, poor education environment, low self-esteem, and with no Black professionals except for Black teachers to inspire me and other Blacks in the community; but at the age of twelve, I promised my mother that one day I would become a doctor so that Blacks would not have to suffer from the lack of adequate health care. The promise to my mother was “an impossible dream.”

By reading this book, you will learn how the miracles of God navigated my crooked journey and how the impossible was made possible, and I was able to obtain a bachelor of science, master of science, two years on a PhD program before completing a medical degree. Along with other health care providers, I was able to organize a not-for-profit organization to decrease healthcare disparities in the Black community.

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