The Interview Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Career by Mark James

There’s no denying that we live in a world full of instant gratification. As for emailing an employer to follow up on a recent job interview? Anticipate hearing back in several days, if not longer.

With a slight adjustment to your outlook and timeframe, you can still soar through your job search with patience and positivity. Here’s how to manage your R.O.E. = Return On Expectations:

• Focus on mini-milestones.
• Document your job search activities.
• It’s all about numbers.
• Think realistically about timeframes.
• Understand The Hiring Process.
• Be Patient. Stay Positive.

The Power of The Interview Mindset could make all the difference during your interview. You’ll feel confident that you deserve to be there, with the knowledge that you stand just as much chance as anyone else of being offered the job.
This book will review the tools and expert advice I have collected over the years, providing career transition coaching for hundreds of executives and professionals.

Mark James, CPC, is the Founder and President of HIRE Consulting Services (HCS) established in 1999. Mark is a Certified Personnel Consultant and the author of the best-selling books, “The Interview Mindset: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Career!” and “Keys to the C Suite: Unlock the Doors to Executive Career Path Success.”

He is equipped with over 25 years of experience in Executive Career Transition Management Coaching,

Outplacement, and Executive Search Consulting. He has been a Certified Partner with The Predictive Index since 2016.

Mark excels in executive search consulting and coaching business professionals and executives who are currently in career transition or planning to make a career change.

As an Executive Career Transition Coach, Mark works with clients to define their skills and competencies and develop a strategy to conduct a professional job search campaign. “Our common goal at HCS is to find the right company that values the talents of my clients.” Every meeting, discussion, and phone call is made with the singular purpose of helping you discover the keys and utilize the tools to help you secure a more fulfilled and productive career path.

As an Executive Search Recruiter, Mark partners with successful and growing companies that need a competitive recruiting edge to enable them to find, assess, and hire great talent. HCS Strategic Recruiting Solutions search process helps client companies locate, assess, and recruit exceptional leaders in a variety of industries, functions, and disciplines.

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