The Power of Imperfect Parents: Practical tools to parent your child with disabilities by Lynda Drake

Author Lynda Drake shares a toolkit for parents of children with disabilities. It aims to teach kids about handling money and food. It also helps deal with disappointments, failures, extreme behaviors, and more. Lynda shares her experiences raising three children with various disabilities and diagnoses, including Down syndrome, diabetes, life-threatening allergies, severe behaviors, mood disorder, ADD, anxiety, and eating disorder. The book will help release stress and learn to love, laugh, and let go!

Lynda Drake worked for Bayaud Enterprises from 2006 to 2022 as a job developer and program manager. She has assisted over a thousand individuals in their job search as well as facilitated Beyond Bayaud for 15 years, which was a class where she strives to give people the tools necessary to rise above poverty and find their own personal power to create the life they desire and deserve. Before coming to Bayaud, she had been a stockbroker for Ameritrade and Charles Schwab for 19 years. Having children with various disabilities led her to work in the non-profit world, where she has found fulfillment and an ability to truly connect to others. She and her late husband have three children; their oldest daughter, Alli, and twins, a son Alex and a daughter Katy. They are all powerfully imperfect people who each have their own challenges. Lynda has written two books, one about money from a spiritual point-of-view called Belly Dancing Lessons for Your Finances, a Spiritual Guide to Financial Health or Beyond Money, and The Power of Imperfect Parents, about parenting children with special needs. She also has an online course, The A.B.C.’s of Stress Relief. Lynda is also a life coach, professional speaker, and group facilitator. 

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