The Talented & Versatile Poppy Montgomery chats with Ric

The Saucy Aussie, Actress & Mother has Portrayed Harry Potter Author J.K.Rowling and Marilyn Monroe. She Returns for a New Season as a Detective with a Rare Memory Condition Solving Dangerous Crimes in Unforgettable.

Australian-born Poppy Montgomery returns for a fourth season of A&E’s acclaimed crime drama, Unforgettable. She is also an executive producer of the series. Season 4 Premieres Friday November 27th at 8PM ET/PT on A&E

Montgomery received critical praise for her breakout performance as Marilyn Monroe in the TV movie Blonde and may be best known for her seven seasons as FBI agent Samantha Spade on CBS’ Without a Trace. She most recently starred as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling in the TV movie Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story.

In Unforgettable, Montgomery portrays NYPD detective Carrie Wells, who has a condition called hyperthymesia, which she utilizes to solve some of New York’s most dangerous crimes. Season four returns with the enigmatic Carrie Wells on a career high, making headlines as New York’s most decorated cop. Reveling in her recent successes will prove to be short-lived for Carrie. Armed with her unique ability and backed up by those she trusts the most, Carrie will face some of the most challenging cases of her career this season, with each case becoming more memorable than the last. Dylan Walsh also stars. They are joined by new series regulars Alani “La La” Anthony, Kathy Najimy and E.J. Bonilla.

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