Think you have what it takes to join the Bazillion Dollar Club? Tech start-up experts Dave McClure and Brady Forrest search for the next big innovation in Syfy’s high-stakes docu-series, The Bazillion Dollar Club Tuesdays 10 PM/ET 9 PM CT

In Syfy’s high-adrenaline new series, The Bazillion Dollar Club, six start-up businesses try to turn their dreams into bazillion-dollar realities in the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley tech start-ups. The series follows two tech investor heavy hitters, Dave McClure and Brady Forrest as they mentor startups from concept to launch and every step in between. The stakes are high as these hopeful entrepreneurs put it all on the line, in the hopes that their idea will become the next great innovation.

Dave McClure is the founding partner of a venture capital firm and startup incubator called 500 Startups. Dave has spent twenty-five years in Silicon Valley as an investor, developer, entrepreneur, blogger, and Internet marketing nerd, and worked with companies such as PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel and Microsoft. Forrest is a technology evangelist, obsessed with opening doors for makers, entrepreneurs and inventors looking to launch the world’s next game-changing product. Under his leadership, 45 companies have raised more than $50M in seed funding, with products shipping to 92 countries around the world.

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