Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Jerry Springer Show, and Jerry’s ready to chat with Ric about what this celebratory season has to offer

This milestone 25th year promises more irreverent Springer-style storytelling and antics from some of America’s most colorful characters making it the most memorable season yet!
Leading Daytime Talk Show “The Jerry Springer Show” sold to broadcast stations through 2018. The Nationally Syndicated Shows Have Been Renewed for Additional Seasons in Over 65% of the U.S. with Broadcast Station Groups Including Tribune, Sinclair and Hearst.

The Jerry Springer Show is one of the longest airing shows on television! Only 9 other hosts, in the history of television, have hit this 25 year milestone (Oprah, Letterman, Carson, Donahue, Larry King, Ted Koppel and then game show hosts Alex Trebek and Bob Barker and the last is Captain Kangaroo, Bob Kershaw.)

The Jerry Springer Show has the most year to year growth in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54 in terms of percentage growth of any daytime talk show.
Tabloid on Investigation Discovery is currently airing in its second season.

Mayor, Lawyer, Emmy-award winning newscaster, Broadway star, ballroom dancer, TV host, Grandpa, Country singer, actor, emcee and political pundit.


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