Changing the world — one cigarette butt, one dirty diaper and one toothpaste tube at a time…

The unscripted series Human Resources follows CEO Tom Szaky and the employees of TerraCycle, a unique recycling company on a mission to eliminate the notion of “waste”

The critically acclaimed docu-series Human Resources — now in its second season on the Pivot network Fridays 10pm ET/PT — profiles the eclectic employees of the NJ-based recycling company TerraCycle, led by CEO and founder Tom Szaky. TerraCycle takes anything that is landfill bound—from potato chip bags to cigarette butts—and recycles, reuses, or otherwise transforms these objects into something else. Whether it’s transforming coffee k-cups into outdoor furniture or building a kids playground from oral hygiene waste, the gang at TerraCycle use science, creativity, and a little DIY attitude to change the way we think about trash.

Eco-entrepeneur Tom Szaky attended Princeton for just a year before dropping out to become the 20-year-old CEO of TerraCycle. Tom has been profiled by major media publications and TV programs for leading TerraCycle to global success and creating a company that’s good for the planet, good for people, and good for profits (The company even donates money to charities and schools for each waste item it recycles, raising several million dollars so far.) He’s also the best-selling author of Revolution in a Bottle and Outsmart Waste.

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