Thinking About Heading to SeaWorld or Swimming with Dolphins This Summer? Environmental power couple Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau discuss with Ric marine mammals in captivity and encourage you to think about a few things before making those summer vacation plans.

SeaWorld recently announced that they have stopped all breeding of orcas in captivity, thus ensuring the generation of whales currently at the parks will be the last. Globally, however, there is a growing market for wild killer whales, dolphins, and beluga whales to be used for human entertainment. These animals are frequently held in captivity by organizations that focus on cashing in tourist dollars by leading visitors to believe they’re seeing the animals in their “natural” habitats.
Environmental activists Philippe Cousteau and his wife, Ashlan Cousteau, have joined with to launch the interactive editorial series, “Captive: The Movement to Free Marine Mammals.” This in-depth series focuses on the movement to free thousands of these highly intelligent creatures worldwide, including whales, dolphins, manatees and other species. The Cousteaus  explain the history and current state of marine mammals in captivity. Since they know firsthand that seeing these magnificent creatures up close can be life-changing, they will share what questions to ask and what to look for when making vacation plans to ensure your choices are ethical and eco-friendly.
In addition, listeners can enter for a chance to win a trip to Baja, Mexico, to view the gray whale migration with the Oceanic Society. One winner and their guest will join a nine-day expedition of a lifetime to get up close and personal with the so-called ‘friendly’ gray whale mothers and calves of San Ignacio Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the series now at

Inspired by his grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau is an Emmy® nominated TV personality, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur and has established himself as a prominent leader in the environmental movement. He is the co-founder of EarthEcho International, a leading environmental education organization dedicated to inspiring youth to take action for a sustainable planet.

Ashlan Cousteau is a veteran entertainment journalist recognized for her work in conservation. She has traveled the world to cover a broad range of events and experiences from diving with great white sharks and searching for tigers in the jungle, to working with youth saving the environment.

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