What Do You Look for in a Car or Truck? The Master of Finding, Fixing and Flipping Secondhand Automobiles Has Some Tips!

Ric chats with Mike Brewer from the hit series Wheeler Dealers, the man that knows how to show unwanted autos the love they deserve. He’s Starring in an All New Season coming this June to Velocity! Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT

For more than a decade, Mike Brewer and his partner Edd China have searched internationally for an assortment of used cars with high profit potential. Now, they’re setting their sights exclusively on America – the most car crazy nation in the world – in pursuit of the coolest rides to buy, restore, test drive and sell to up their profit totals.

With nearly 120 episodes under the hood and more than $375,000 in profits made trading cars internationally, this season of WHEELER DEALERS finds Mike and Edd based in scenic, coastal southern California where an incredibly eclectic car culture thrives. Mike seeks used vehicles, negotiating bargains with some tough, car passionate Americans. Meanwhile Edd has his hands full in the shop clashing with demanding mechanical troubles, and getting his hands dirty on a variety of vehicles. Tensions rise when Mike’s desire to score a bigger profit increases the risk of mechanical trouble, but Edd helps even the score by sending Mike hunting for parts ranging from new crankshafts to upholstery. Once the car is complete they take it for a test spin on picture-perfect California roadways before Mike finds a serious buyer.
For more information on, Wheeler Dealers please visit: www.velocity.com/tv-shows/wheeler-dealers

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