Timothy McMaister by James M. Lyman

Timothy McMaister has a big problem! He’s a time-waster! Every unoccupied moment of Timmy’s life is filled with phone games, meme scrolling, and video-watching. And his siblings follow Timmy’s lead. The McMaister parents come up with a plan to redirect their kids’ habits. Let’s see how they respond!

This wonderfully illustrated children’s picture book is designed to help caring adults have a conversation with the children in their lives about the dangers of too much screen time. But it’s not just for the kids. Everyone who engages with this fun and meaningful story has the opportunity to reflect on their own habits and help themselves as they seek to help the kids they love!

Jim Lyman has worked with children and families for over thirty years and has seen their challenges up close and personal. He loves to write humorous stories that promote healthy relationships, self-awareness, and life-changing moments. 

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