Total health and well-being with Cynthia Clark

Cynthia Clark became passionate about hands in 2008 and has been studying them ever since. She has analyzed over 5,000 pairs of hands. Her connection with hands started at the library, when she randomly picked up a book on palmistry and had a clear feeling of déjà vu that she had already studied the material.

She has trained with Richard Unger of the International Institute of Hand Analysis and is the creator of Palmistry Inspiration Cards and the upcoming book Hands of Life: Discovering Your Authentic Destiny.

In addition to her extensive knowledge of the hands, Cynthia has also trained in energy healing for over 15 years and is certified in several popular modalities.

Before doing this transformative work, Cynthia obtained a B.S. degree in Business Management at the University of Utah and had her own business by the time she was 24 years old.

She is passionate about helping others to find and live their life purpose, establish great relationships and connect with total health and well-being. Her combination of business skills, healing and intuitive gifts and passion for teaching others about their true selves through exploration of their hands make her an excellent guide for you to reach your full potential.

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