“Trade Shows from One Country to the Next” delves into international marketing, with a focus specifically on global trade show differences and distinctions. Rather than concentrate on details about marketing per se, this book focuses on the needed adjustments-mental, physically and otherwise-when marketing a product/service through tradeshows from one country to the next. Although dedicated to trade show exhibit architecture and behavior, much of the information contained in this book also speaks to effective communication skills required when spending a week or less marketing a product in a foreign country. After forty-three years in the international trade show arena, the author shares his thoughts and the comments obtained from world-wide experts in the countries outlined. No one person or company is the expert everywhere in the world. There is no right way or wrong way-there is only a different way. This book will appeal to not only exhibit managers, show organizers, venues, and exhibit suppliers, but to those who market anything on a global scale. Effective communication is key!
Larry Kulchawik has dedicated his entire career to exhibit design at trade shows internationally.
His recent book, “Trade Shows from One Country to the Next” he outlines venues, regulations, exhibit styles, and cultural differences when exhibiting in 45 different countries.
The books theme…There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only a different way.
Know and respect what is different to reach success through trade shows, or any other form of face to face communication to promote a product or service internationally.

While earning a degree in Design at Southern Illinois University, Larry Kulchawik had the privilege to study under Buckminster Fuller. Geodesic domes and Spaceship Earth concept influenced his thinking in so many ways he never thought to be relevant at the time. Starting as an exhibit designer, Kulchawik has spent his entire career in the exhibit industry for the past 43 years.
He has worked for three of the leading exhibit companies in the USA in management and sales with a focus on international trade show marketing. He served on the boards of many industry associations (CEIR,OSPI, WTC) and as president for IFES (International Federation of Exposition Services) and EDPA (Exhibit Designer and Producers Association). As president of EDPA he assisted to launch the first masters degree program in exhibit design at FIT/NYC, and led a task force to create UL2301- Standards for Safety when building trade show exhibits with Underwriters Laboratory.
He has been awarded two of the industries highest honors- the Hazel Hays Award (EDPA), and the Roger Taurant Award (IFES) for his contributions to the exhibit industry.
His book has earned two Gold Awards from MarCom 2016, and Hermes 2017 for creative marketing in the book category.
β€œAt this stage of my life I wish to give back and share international experiences and uncover this exciting career we call trade show marketing. Being involved with IFES ( Global exhibit suppliers from 44 countries) I have met many trusted suppliers I consider friends and partners. They are each the source of knowledge and understanding for effective global marketing.

Recalculating your thinking when exhibiting from one country to the next is key to achieving sales success in each country. The theme of the book- there is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only a different way. Being sensitive, and recognizing what is different, and why, will insure success and will keep you from unexpected surprises.”. Connecting the world with a shared sensitivity about face to face business communication will cultivate our mutual desires for positive branding and increased sales in a global market.” The world of international trade as we know it is rapidly changing.

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