UPLIFTED: Creating a Life with Optimal Wellness, a Victorious Mindset & Much Less Stress with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

Busy lives inevitably create a hectic pace of life. According to our guest today, holistic health and lifestyle expert, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, experiencing beauty, feeling wonder, and breathing in deeply of life’s countless blessings often fall to the bottom of our “to-do” lists. Her new celebrated book, UPLIFTED, will help you reconsider your priorities and aspirations, and your goals and dreams; it also will help you reassess how you use your time and what you value in order to live a more successful, soul-satisfying life. “The secret to creating these transforming changes,” writes Susan in her book, “is that they’re made one step at a time and in 12-minute doable segments. They build on one another, so that nothing becomes a burden. They become manageable steps to take your life forward, until their cumulative effect manifests major changes of significance.” If we want to learn how to both honor our body and keep our mind uplifted, positive and thriving throughout the ups and downs of daily living or in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, then Susan’s new book, UPLIFTED, and this show today, will be a godsend to you. Welcome Susan.

For a woman with three of America’s most ordinary names, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, has certainly made extraordinary contributions in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging, optimum nutrition and balanced living. For starters, she taught students, staff and faculty at UCLA how to be healthy and fit for 30 years! Susan is the founder and president of Health Unlimited, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm dedicated to optimal wellness, health education and human potential. Susan is a frequent radio and TV talk show guest and motivational speaker; she’s also the author of many books, including her latest celebrated 2-book set — Wired for High-Level Wellness and just released UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality

UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Peace, Kindness & Vitality


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