Why do we cry? Could we survive on Mars? These are just a couple of the questions to be answered on the provocative new series Glad You Asked Premiering October 8th on YouTube

Vox’s forthcoming YouTube original series is a host-driven, large-scale exploration of these human curiosities. In each episode of Glad You Asked, Vox’s top journalists go on a quest to answer some of YouTube’s most searched and interesting questions.

By employing authoritative voices and venturing to surprising places, this docu-series takes the audience on an experiential journey to get to the bottom of how our mysterious world works. Produced by Vox Media Studios and YouTube, Executive Producers include Chad Mumm, Joe Posner, and Lindsay Perna. 
Among the hosts, Cleo Abram & Christophe Haubursin.
Cleo is a video producer at Vox. She decodes complex topics in technology and economics in her stories, revealing how underlying systems work and highlighting the wonder of the world around us. Before this, Cleo previously produced for Vox’s Netflix show, Explained. For fun, she produces a personal YouTube series called Hey Kid, in which she documents her life for her future kids.

Christophe Haubursin is a video producer for Vox, where he makes videos about culture and design. Previous projects he’s worked on include Explained on Netflix and By Design on Vox’s YouTube channel. He enjoys running, playing music, and rewatching old Vine compilations. He studied journalism and political science at Northwestern University.For more information, visit:

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