Wild Success: 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventurers by Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely

Face every business challenge with the skills and spirit of an elite adventurerWild Success takes you on a thrilling ride into the world of extreme adventurers―extraordinary men and women whose hard-earned wisdom can be applied to any business situation.
Death-defying adventurers and business leadership experts themselves, authors Amy Posey and Kevin Vallely provide an inside look into an elite society of people who understand how to excel in the most challenging environments on the planet. The authors combine one-of-a-kind insights from the adventure world with innovative research from the field of neuroscience to provide powerful, proven-effective leadership lessons. Wild Success teaches you how to:
• Identify your purpose as a leader
• Build your resilience and your ability to adapt to change
• Reframe your attitude to optimize your cognitive performance
• Reach your true leadership potential with a growth mindset
Through seven leadership lessons, you’ll learn to see business challenges through the eyes of adventurers―from a surfer atop a monstrous 50-foot wave to a polar skier clawing across the Antarctic plateau to a wingsuit flyer defying death thousands of feet in the air.
Adventurers know better than anyone that unexpected obstacles and tough situations can force the most creative, innovative thinking. Become a leader of leaders by using the wild wisdom garnered by elite adventurers in the most extreme environments on the planet.
Amy Posey is a leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, and former CEO of The AIP Group, a leadership development firm that combines insights from the adventure and business worlds for unique and effective leadership training. Prior to joining The AIP Group, she spent ten years at Deloitte delivering internal leadership development programs, and learning, change, and communications solutions to global technology companies. Posey has an Executive Masters in Applied Neuroscience and Leadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute; an M.B.A. in Managing Change and Marketing from DePaul University’s campus in the Kingdom of Bahrain; and a B.A. in English, Education, and Writing from Purdue University. 
Kevin Vallely is a world-class explorer, leadership mentor, author, and an award-winning architect. He is a member of the esteemed Explorer’s Club and was honored as an Explorer’s Club Flag recipient for his expedition to the Northwest Passage in 2013. In 2009 he and two teammates broke the world record for the fastest unsupported trek to the Geographic South Pole. He has written for numerous publications, and is the author of Rowing the Northwest Passage: Adventure, Fear, and Awe in a Rising Sea.https://morewildsuccess.com/

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