Rebels with a Cause: Rescuing Animals In Need and Giving Them a Better Life New Animal Planet Series The Guardians Spotlights One Organization’s Mission to Protect and Rescue Animals that are in Distress. Saturdays 10PM ET/PT

‘Guardians of Rescue’ Veterinarian Marvin (Moose) Baynes & Executive Director Dori Scofiled Explain to Ric How the Eclectic Team Advocates for Animals and How You Viewers Can Help in Your Hometown, Too.

What happens when animals are in distress, abused or neglected? Someone needs to step in and help them. Animal Planet follows the work of the volunteer–run organization called Guardians of Rescue on its quest to help any animal in need – anywhere, anytime – in the new series The Guardians. It features Guardians of Rescue’s dynamic yet eclectic volunteer team. They are ex-military personnel, retired police detectives, former FBI investigators, carpenters, electricians and even former convicts and gang members – all united in their passion and dedication for animal advocacy. With this group, first impressions are not always what they seem. But when an animal is in need, their tough facade washes away and clients see their true love and compassion come forth.

In partnership with Save-A-Pet Rescue in Long Island and a network of volunteers from all over the world, Guardians of Rescue work to educate and motivate pet lovers to better the lives of their animals, no matter how big or small the change may be. There is no task the Guardians of Rescue won’t do. Their mission is simple but difficult to achieve: Save animals, and give them a better life.

Dori Scofiled is executive director of the Guardians and founder and president of the Save-a-Pet Rescue, which provides housing and finds homes for many of the animals rescued by the Guardians. She has been rescuing animals for 30 years, rescuing and rehoming over 30,000 animals. Moose (Marvin Baynes) is the Guardians resident veterinarian. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he has one amputee dog and three cats. Moose operates his mobile vet service with the help of his wife, Bianca. Being part of the Guardians of Rescue gives Moose an opportunity to work with a group of unique and likeminded individuals who go above and beyond for animals and their people.

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