15 Water-Rich Foods to Help You Stay Hydrated & Detoxified:

Simple Ways to Eat Your Water with Susa

A fish without water can’t breathe, and we can’t live without water either! According to our guest today, staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay vibrant and youthful no matter our age, and to also maintain a proper body weight, but most of us are dehydrated without even realizing it.

So staying hydrated is definitely an essential part of staying healthy. While drinking water can easily meet this requirement, eating lots of water-rich foods not only helps you meet your proper hydration needs, but it also offers a wealth of health benefits.

Our guest today, holistic health expert, Susan Smith Jones, PhD, will focus on how to keep your body hydrated with foods high in water content along with a little info on each food and why staying hydrated is so important. You will want to take notes on the 15 foods she tells about today that are water-rich.

Susan Smith Jones has made extraordinary contributions in the fields of well-being, anti-aging, optimum nutrition and balanced living. A frequent radio/TV talk show guest and motivational speaker, Susan is also the author of many books on holistic health and optimum vitality, including her latest 2 celebrated books —

• WIRED FOR HIGH-LEVEL WELLNESS • UPLIFTED: 12 Minutes to More Joy, Faith, Kindness, Peace & Vitality

Website: SusanSmithJones.com • Twitter: @SusanSmithJones

n Smith Jones, PhD

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