Aging Healthfully, Happily and Gracefully. 10 Tips for Living a More Sacred, Balanced Life in Body, Mind and Spirit with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

It was Mark Twain who once wrote: Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matterLet’s face it, we all age, but do we always need to look like we’re aging? Is it possible to slow down the aging process? And why is it that some celebrities and other people look the same today as they did 10 years ago, while others look like they’ve aged 30 years in 10 years.
Well, our guest today, Dr. Susan Smith Jones, PhD, has focused her studies on longevity, anti-aging, and high-level wellness for over 35 years, and she will give us 10 surefire tips to help keep our body, mind and spirit youthful…no matter our

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