Healthy, Happy & Radiant…at Any Age: Surefire Tips to Minimize Stress & Restore Youthful Vitality

Feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually off-kilter? Lost some joy of living? Overwhelmed by life? Want to look and feel younger? Wish you could heal your body and experience vibrant health? Maybe all you need to do is to get back to the basics with Susan Smith Jones, PhD, our special guest. Get out a pen and paper because you’ll want to take notes on all the practical healthy living tips she’ll share with us today.

Dr Susan’s new book “Healthy, Happy & Radiant…at Any Age” is available either by itself or part of the new, celebrated 3 book-Healthy Living TRIO package along with the other two titles – “Living on the Lighter Side” and “The Curative Kitchen”. Peruse a sampler of each at her website.

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